The excursions “à la carte” are the most adapted to your needs and tastes. They can be very different according to your disposition and personal interest.

These are private excursions for a group of 4 people maximum and the journeys are organized in a private car, kind of pick up.
We fetch the guests at their lodgings and they will be accompanied by a local guide expert in nature all day long. The atmosphere is familiar, convenient and free.
We design the itinerary and the development of the journey together with the client according to his personal interest in nature (botany, geology, archeology, ornithology, …) and ethnography.

About botanical routes:
On the island of Gran Canaria, we have more than 11 areas of botanical interest where we can discover a unique flora, endemic and therefore, exclusive to the island of Gran Canaria.
Here some ideas of routes and visits of our “continent in miniature” we can offer you.

Los Tilos de Moya and the secrets of a forest
It is the perfect place to get to know the Laurisilva and its arborescent essences with a small 2km walk in the heart of the forest.
This routes is recommended all year round and especially in summer due to the presence of shade and humidity.

Vegetation of the summit at Cruz de Tejeda
In the rocky walls that border the Caldera de Tejeda it is possible to see some of the most endangered endemic plants of the island. It is recommended to visit at the end of spring to enjoy the plenty blooms of flowers.

Agaete valley: beauty and biodiversity
We enter the Biosphere Reserve where the diversity of species surprises us and the beauty of the landscapes even more. The Valley is known for its exclusive production of coffee selection.

The palm groves of the South: knowing the plant symbol of the Canarian archipelago.
Visiting a natural palm grove impacts us for its beauty and originality. During the visit we will learn more about the uses of the Canarian palm tree (Phoenix canariensis – one of the most beautiful in the world) since prehispanic times. We will discuss the current problems that threaten the natural palm groves

In search of the lady of Bandama in the Caldera de Bandama
A short hiking route will take us to a forest, witness to a lush vegetation of the past, a magical place full of surprises and great geological interest.

Aridity and succulent plants of the South-West valleys
For many people, the southwest of the island looks like stone mountains with hardly any life, but in reality these mountains harbor a particular vegetation that takes millions of years adapting to the extreme conditions of a microclimate. We will discover the Canarian cardón (Euphorbia canariensis), a very beautiful Euphorbia cactiforma, plant symbol of the island of Gran Canaria. The hiking is recommended in winter or spring.

Barranco de Guayadeque: green valley of the South-East and troglodyte village
During this visit, we will understand the close and ancestral relationship of nature and humanity in a valley plenty of natural resources.

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