It’s a visit in which we’ll take advantage of a real contact with nature, among walks and commentaries, we’ll save one moment for a rest, for observation and taking photos. We will learn about the Canarian flora and its various ecosystems.

We’ll also invite you to a picnic of tasting of the best Canarian products: selection of cheeses. home made bread, Canarian fruits from biological agriculture according to the seasons( bananas, mango, oranges, figs, almonds, tomatoes, olives…..)Canarian pastry and honey of palm, infusion, water.

The Canarian botanical Garden “Vieja y Clavijo” founded by the Swedish botanist E.Seventenius, offers an authentic vivid museum of the wealthy flora of the Canary islands.
The whole Canaria’s flora is represented in the Canarian garden being itself the biggest garden of Spain. We’ll contemplate the strangest and most interesting endemisms of the seven islands.

We will discover the diversity of flora in the Canaries as well as its beauty. We’ll discuss about the conservation of Canarian biodiversity and about the plants threatened with extinction.

The Canarian botanical garden “Vieja y Clavijo” is much more than a simple garden, it turned itself throughout the years into a worldwide institution, a model for conservation.

During the visit, we’ll be in contact with various ecosystems : we’ll walk in the thermophylic wood, the laurel forest, the coast vegetation, the pine forest…..We’ll tell the legends about the Canarian dragon tree, we‘ll learn about the uses of the Canarian palm tree. We’ll also visit the gardens of exotic plants, the Gardens of cactus and succulents, the worldly Garden.

We recommend you to wear comfortable walking shoes and a waterproof coat (just in case!)

Visit for individuals (up to 4) or groups up to 25 persons (families, associations, clubs,..)
Visiting commented hours : flexible time from 9 am to 16 pm

For more information and booking, please contact us.