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Canarian Botanical Garden “Vieja y Clavijo”. Gran Canaria

Guided visit

It’s a visit in which we’ll take advantage of a real contact with nature, among walks and commentaries, we’ll save one moment for a rest, for observation and taking photos. We will learn about the Canarian flora and its various ecosystems.


Caldera de Bandama. Gran Canaria

Route of hill-walking

The natural monument of Bandama composed of the Pico and the Caldera of Bandama gathered a special interest for its peculiarity and the importance of its scientific, cultural and scenic values. It’s the result of the last volcanic eruption in the Canary islands, about 2000 years ago.


Aruca’s Gardens. Gran Canaria.

Guided Visit

A catchphrase of the seventies described Arucas as the City of Flowers. The local Park of the Flowers-also called the “Jardin de Gourié”, as well as the Garden of the Marchioness, both situated in the municipality of Arucas are the evidence of a place implicated in the themes of gardening and Botany since centuries.


La Atalaya de Santa Brigida – Bandama. Gran Canaria

Guided Visit with a tourist and nature guide.

It’s a very pleasant, original and surprising visit with precise objectives:

  • Knowing about the volcanic origin of the environment of Bandama.
  • Learning about the grape and wine-producing of the “Monte Lentiscal”.
  • Finding out the troglodyte village of the Atalaya.
  • Practising primitive techniques of pottery.


Excursions “à la carte”. Gran Canaria

Guided visit / Route of rambling

The excursions “à la carte” are the most adapted to your needs and tastes. They can be very different according to your disposition and personal interest.


El género femenino en el mundo de la Botánica

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Visita guiada

Visita auto-guiada en el Jardín Botánico Canario Viera y Clavijo destinado a los grupos de centros de igualdad.


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